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A Handbook for First Time Managers

I published a book recently entitled “A Handbook for First Time Managers” – Critical Pointers That New Managers Need to Know to Succeed in Their Managerial Role.

The target audiences for this book are aspiring new managers and individual contributors planning to be new managers in the not so distant future.

In this book, I present a holistic approach for aspiring first time managers preparing for their managerial role. This holistic approach includes the assessment of readiness and development of a managerial plan.

In performing the assessment of readiness, I reveal four key cornerstones of the managerial role: the scope of being a manager, understanding the function of leadership and management, behavioural skills and managing change.

The scope of being a manager depicts the tasks and challenges that new managers encountered in the real world. Understanding the function of leadership and management describes the key differences in these two functions and how they complement each other. Behavioural skills list out the critical skills required to be effective managers. Managing change is about being aware that the role of a manager represents a major shift from the role of an individual contributor into actively taking the appropriate steps to embrace change and become an effective manager.

Aspiring first time managers must fully understand these cornerstones before they are able to gauge whether they are ready for the managerial role. The cornerstones will serve as the point of reference for aspiring first time managers to objectively compare and contrast their current capabilities and identify the additional learning required to become managers.

In aiding first time managers to develop their own managerial plans, I created The Manager’s Toolkits, a set of preparatory and assessment tools comprising of two components, imManager Framework and imManager Guide.

The imManager Framework is a diagnostic execution plan that serves as a roadmap to lead and manage team. The imManager Guide supports the imManager Framework by providing a list of questionnaires to enable new managers to diagnose and prepare for the managerial role.

Aspiring first time managers and individual contributors planning to be managers will benefit from this book as it provides them with critical pointers to succeed in their managerial role.

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