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Salwana and Rahim Associates (SRASSA) Sdn. Bhd. helps clients to improve organizations' performance using a structured approach in problem solving to arrive at potential solutions for implementation.
The current core areas include:
  • Consulting and Business Advisory
  • Learning Workshops

Consulting and Business Advisory

Our Consulting and Business Advisory is customized to specific client needs. Typical engagement will be between two (2) and six (6) months. Three key services offered are:

  • Performance Measures (PMs) Implementation
    • Develop the right PMs
    • Determine Key Performance Indicators (KPls)
    • Implementation of PMs and KPls
    • Facilitate the usage of PMs and KPls

  • Business Process Improvement (BPI)
    • Help client to improve performance in a unique area such as improve customer service, speedy time to market, reduce cost, increase profit etc.
    • Use our methodology of Shared Objective(s), Diagnosis, Design and Implement in our BPIengagement

  • Performance Monitoring
    • Develop capability to monitor performance
    • Design performance monitoring tool
    • Facilitate the usage of performance monitoring tool

Learning Workshops

Our Learning Workshops are designed with the principle of providing capabilities for organization to jumpstart and practice what it learns immediately. These are short duration two (2) and/or three (3) day workshops conducted at our facility (@Thinking Loft in Ara Qamansara). Four key Learning Workshops offered are:

  • Design, develop and implementing Performance Measures (PMs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPls)
    • Help clients to establish an in-house team to design, develop and implement PMs and KPls
    • Transfer skill sets of designing, developing and implementing PMs and KPlsto client's in-house team

  • First Time Managers
    • Help people becoming managers for the first time to get to speed with the role of people manager
    • Understand how to get results through people
    • Provide First Time Manager Roadmap for full action plans that can and should be used in daily work

  • Consultative Selling Readiness
    • Prepare sales team to build trust with potential clients
    • Understand the structured approach of consultative selling
    • Provide Consultative Selling Toolkit for full action plans / usage in daily work

  • Driving Change for Better Performance
    • Understand recipe for success in an organizational setting
    • Prepare to embrace change through better understanding of oneself
    • Provide a reference guide on "Driving Change for Better Performance" for full action plans / usage in daily work.