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Brief Profile

Salwana and Rahim founded Salwana and Rahim Associates Sdn Bhd (SRASSA) in 2005 with a vision of helping organizations to improve performance and effectiveness by maximizing continuous change.

We work with our clients to:

  • Improve their operational performances
  • Empower employees to maximize opportunities
  • Enhance customer service
  • Accelerate sales and build businesses

Our 'maximizing continuous change approach' is built upon our collective experience practicing leadership and management, in key multinational organizations. We take a three prong approach in maximizing continuous change:

  • Recognize change. Position change as a lever.
    A lever is a means of achieving an end. Proactively recognizing this will place organizations in a state to fully take advantage of the change. The key action is to leverage effectively for optimum results.

  • Ready to adapt.
    Once change is fully recognized and positioned as a lever, organizations must be ready to adapt. Organizations need to provide the platform of readiness to make suitable adjustments to the new requirements or conditions.

  • Able and willing to embrace.
    The greatest asset of any organization is its people. Maximum results can only be achieved when the people are able and willing to embrace change. The critical behaviour required is for everyone to adopt the value that change starts within oneself.

Our services in consulting, business advisory and learning workshops are the key solutions that will result in our client's ability to leverage, adapt and embrace change.