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  180 Minutes | Practical Workshop Program | New Managers Series

Here are the highlights of the 180 Minutes Practical Workshop Program for New Managers.

What is the 180 Minute Practical Workshop Program for New Managers?
We appreciate that you are busy; your resources are expensive to get away for training for a couple of days and human beings have only short attention span to focus on specific subjects at any one time. Hence, we developed the 180 minutes Practical Workshop Program for New Managers with the following main objectives:

  • Focuses on 180 minutes learning time
  • Provides series of skill sets for new managers
  • Utilizes practical approach rather than theoretical approach
  • Involves fully in the learning process
  • Emphasizes on executions

  Company Profile

Salwana and Rahim founded Salwana and Rahim Associates Sdn Bhd (SRASSA) in 2005 with a vision of helping organizations to improve performance and effectiveness by maximizing continuous change. More

  Service Offerings

Salwana and Rahim Associates (SRASSA) Sdn. Bhd. helps clients to improve organizations' performance using a structured approach in problem solving to arrive at potential solutions for implementation. More


  SRASSA Quarterly Newsletter Issue 2

In this issue:

  • Chairman’s Notes: Doing Business In a Foreign Land is Like Driving in the Middle of An Unfamiliar Road
  • Point of View: Measure What Really Matters
  • Action Today: Practical Tips Worth Trying – Better Communications
  • About SRASSA: Helps Organization to Improve Performance...
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